Jenny Blighe – Wonder Woman Tied Up And Fucked FullHD (1080p/2016)



Wonder Woman Custom Vid as follows: [Diana Prince (wonder womans other identity) comes home from work. She walks in the front door and is looking very sexy with her hair tied up glasses on, white shirt with some cleavage showing, black skirt, black nylons and black shoes. She takes off her jacket and hangs it up. Then removes each of her shoes and sits on the couch. She has had an exhausting day and is glad to be home at her own place and spend the evening to herself. She turns on the TV and She stretches her feet onto the coffee table and wriggles her toes through her nylons (Camera shot of the soles of her feet). She massages both of her feet saying how sore they are.. Suddenly she hears a a loud sound coming from upstairs. She turns down the tv volume and hears it again… What the hell is going on she says… She spins and in a flash she turns into Wonder woman (full kit – hair down and straightened looking super foxy..) She makes her way upstairs slowly. She opens her bedroom door where the sound is coming from and walks in but can’t see anyone… All of a sudden the door slams shut and a masked Villain confronts her face to face. (Guy can be wearing a burgular mask just showing eyes mouth and nose – other than that maybe some villain clothes if you have any) ” Wonderwoman I’ve been sent by Lex Luthor to take you away but he told me I can have some fun with you first” He says.. Wonderwoman says ” we’ll see about that” and grabs him by the neck with her superstrength but unfortunately he is not human and has powers of his own. He grabs her arm and pushes it away .. he then picks her up and throws her onto the bed before zapping her with his powers.. She passes out cold. Slowly the villiain removes each of her boots showing her sexy legs and feet (Feet super clean and with bright pink varnish please).. He puts his hand down his trousers and massages his cock as the scene fades… and as the bootless super-heroine is lying helpless on the bed. Wonder Woman is out cold. She is ball-gagged with her hands and legs tied to the bedpost. She opens her eyes and immediately realizing what is going on she tries to call for help but she can’t call through the gag. The villain standing by her says ” I’m going to zap you with a new power Lex has given me.. and it will make you obey my every command” Wonder Woman tries to shout “no stop.. ” through the gag but its too late and she gets zapped.. ” Now relax Wonderwoman and dont talk” he says and immediately Her body relaxes and she stops struggling. The villain unties her arms and legs and gag. He then tells her not to move and again she obeys. He takes one of her feet and begins to lick the soles.. slowly and then faster. He tickles them and wonderwoman laughs and begs him to stop.. He tells her not to talk and she immediately is quiet.. he tickles them some more and then works on the other foot. He then strips naked apart from his mask and commands wonder woman to give him a foot-job which she does. When he is rock hard he tells wonderwoman to lick his balls and suck them before getting her to suck his cock and squeezing his ass . She sucks his cock while squeezing his ass cheeks. He tells wonder-woman to turn around face down on the bed. He hikes up her skirt and spanks her bum several times. He spanks each cheek a few times and then pulls her panties off. He spreads her asshole and starts to rim her while she moans. He then buries his thumb into her asshole and makes her to suck it and taste her ass. He tells Wonder Woman to remove the rest of her clothes. Once she is naked he commands her to perform 69 on him. After a few mins of this he tells her to fuck him like an animal and enjoy it.. They fuck hard, rough and passionately in as many positions as possible. While in doggy and missionary he tickles the soles of her feet. While in doggy he also fingers her asshole and spanks her bed/ tugs her hair.. A few more positions until he finishes with a huge cumshot in her face. He then ties her arms behind her back and gags her. He tells her its now time to see Lex who is going to absolutely humilaite her.. He carries her out of the room on his back while she begs him not to take her through the gag.. the scene ends”]

Categories: All sex, Blow Jobs, Comic Book, Role Play, Cosplay, Fucking, Riding, Bondage, Redhead.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duration: 00:31:38
Size: 558 Mb

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