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I’ve been rooming with my older brother and a few of his friends for six months but have been skipping out on paying my share of the rent the whole time. It’s gotten to the boiling point with my sibling and he confronts me while we have the apartment to ourselves. The scene begins with me laying on my bed talking about my latest screw around and my ass is kinda shaking in the door’s direction. My brother saunters in and I tell him to fuck off and get out of my room but he proclaims it’s pretty much his room after covering my share of the rent after half a year. I whine but he says his friends want to kick me out. I sigh and say I was afraid it would come to this and pull out a heavy bag.

He keeps bugging me and probes for further information. I pull out a bunch of condoms and tuck them into my short shorts and tell him I knew sooner or later I’d be fucking his friends for my share of the rent. He’s stunned as I continue pulling exotic lingerie and toys out explaining that I’ll fuck the other roommates and become their live in slut fucking whenever they want (I Really get into the Details)… I tell my brother he may want to leave for a few hours after his friends get back cause it’s going to get loud. He gets upset and moves close to me demanding to know about him…I scoff and retort, What about him? I’ll pay him back when I can. He moves closer pushing me back on my bed. I’ll never pay him back and he knows it so he pulls up my shirt, exposing my plump breasts and begins molding them in his hand. I start complaining how wrong this is but he swears he needs to take all of it out on me. I begin to beg and ask doesn’t this feel wrong? He makes me open his pants releasing his thick dick proclaiming I’ve been dressing like a whore since my and a slut is a slut even if she’s his sister. He starts feeding me his cock and I can’t help but give in. I start agreeing with him that I do feel bad for not paying him back before and that’s he’s right, a hard dick is a hard dick even if it’s my brother. The bj starts getting sloppier and then he gets me out of my shorts and begins fucking me missionary. I swear he is reaching and destroying my womb! My eyes begin to roll and I drool all over myself, shocked as he fills me with forbidden sticky brother batter. He then pushes me on all fours and spanks my ass until I beg for mercy and he grabs me by the hair and obliterates my ass. I scream that I feel his cock going through my stomach and stretching out my throat. He spreads my legs as far as they can go as he goes to fucking town on me. I encourage him to take the rent out on me and how I love it that he can throat fuck me from my ass. My brother lifts my hips and ass to the heavens and cums a second time filling my ass to the brim and I swear I taste it in my mouth. I’m in full sluttish cock worship mode and begin to spit, drool, and throttle myself on his cock. I tell him mid-blowjob that I’m his fucking whore and he is the only one who can cum inside my holes. Upon hearing my pledge, he cums for a THIRD time in my mouth. I pull his cock out and give myself a shower in brother cum all over my face and breasts. As I lay there panting I notice for whatever reason be it years of frustration with me or the complete erotic nature of events his cock has yet to go down. The roomies won’t be home for a few more hours…so I offer him another round. Skip ahead a few hours when the rest of the roommates come home and are stunned to find me drenched in cum and covered all over my body are degrading signs. Whore, sister slut, etc with a tally mark up to seven on your stomach. In a sluttish haze I greet the guys back home and inform them there some changes to the roommate agreements…FEATURING THREE CREAMPIES (mouth, pussy, ass), anal fucking with dildo, pussy fucking with dildo, lots of pov sex / virtual sex, short shorts, glasses, crop top, breast groping, TONS of positions and angles, doggystyle, missionary, two rounds of blowjobs, insane dirty talk

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