Meana Wolf – Thirsty Girls HD (720p/2016)



You wake up to find yourself in a strange place. Face to face, with two gorgeous women. So beautiful and captivating…their smiles are devilish…and then you see their teeth. Long pointed fangs…and their eyes…Piercing blue. Not human eyes. Vampires. They gently subdue you with their seductive voices. You don’t even feel their influence penetrate you as they glamour you into submission. You don’t try to run…why would you? This is your destiny. To serve and feed two vampire goddesses. They beckon you to stroke for them…a man’s purest when he has just ejaculated. So they tease you with their perfect bodies. Their gorgeous tits and firm sexy asses. It’s all a game to them but to you…this is the most incredible moment of your life. They decide to keep you as their personal b-l-o-o-d donor. They’ll keep you until they grow tired of your taste. But for now, keep stroking for their amusement. It improves the flavour.
xoxo Meana Wolf and Sasha Mizaree

Clip Contains: Two gorgeous Vampires glamour you into stroking for them. They plan to keep you as their play toy to snack on whenever they wish. They prefer the taste of a man who has just ejaculated so they plan to keep you in chastity until they get hungry for you. They make you cum to a countdown and feed off of you as you bask in the afterglow of the most incredible orgasm you’ve ever had.

Categories: MESMERIZE, JOI, CUM COUNTDOWN, ALIENS & MONSTERS, SENSUAL DOMINATION, Two Vampires, Vampire Mistress, Glamoured Prey, Sasha Mizaree, Mesmerized into servitude, Fangs, Blue Eyes, Corset, Download Fetish Video.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duration: 00:12:47
Size: 280 Mb

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