Mommy’s Ball Draining Treatment FullHD (1080p/

Added: 5/27/17

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Mommy’s so worried, so concerned about her only boy’s well being. Your condition has been getting worse, and even now in the doctor’s office, it begins to flare up as she fusses over you. Her huge bosom heaves in your face as she checks you, bouncing frantically as your symptoms worsen. You get hot, your heart starts beating faster and faster. She’s oblivious of the effect her voluptuous body has on yours, and on your stiffening cock.
It isn’t until the nurse arrives and instructs Mommy to show her exactly what she was doing to trigger this reaction. Your mother apologetically mounts as you lay back on the table, reenacting her desperation, unaware of her ample breasts once again pressing into your view. You just can’t help it, staring at them as they jiggle. And then it happens again. Your body seems to go into overdrive and your growing cock is pressing into Mommy’s crotch. She notices something hard, but it couldn’t possibly be… THAT.
The nurse insists on an in-depth inspection, her hands groping, feeling, measuring your uncontrollable erection. You mother can’t believe her eyes – that was her son’s penis?? He was aroused?! These symptoms all point to one condition, an ailment with dire consequences, unless tended to urgently: severe semen backup. Desperate to save her son, your mother insists she’ll do anything it takes, no matter how uncomfortable… no matter how wrong. Even if it’s something a mother should never do to her son. The nurse insists it’s the only treatment that works, one she will eagerly help administer. Mommy needs to manually release the immense pressure building in your balls… to stroke and suck the cum out of your penis before it reaches critical levels!

Format: avi
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duration: 00:25:54
Size: 1.79 Gb

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