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aincest - 3992 Black Wasp Dark Addiction Toxic Demise
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Added: 11/24/15

Wasp is a no-nonsense, tough as they come, superheroine. She has come to a club she knows is owned by Mr Grigio a new mob boss in the city. Night Raven went missing after investigating Grigio and Black Wasp intends to find out whyShe uses her painful “stinging strike” and “super-senses” to easily take care of the bouncer and then moves to confront GrigioBW is taken down by a rag from behind by one of the strippers, the music of the club was designed to block her super-senses and she is taken by surpriseBW wakes up bound and feeling very weak. She struggles and struggles until she is able to get free fo the ropes, BW is tricked and now in under the effects of Grigio’s special formula. For normal humans it is no different than water. But for anyone with super-powers, it is a pleasure inducing compound with agonizing withdrawal symptomsThe strippers use the effects of the formula to force BW to cum over and over, and then laugh as withdrawals hit her. At first BW resists, but she breaks down and begs for more formula. Eventually she passes outBW wakes up to find Grigio groping her. He offers her more of the formula, if she serves him sexually. She refuses and staggers down the stairs, sll the while trembling from withdrawalsBW fights the bouncer again, only this time she takes a horrible beating. Laying broken and in agony on a bench Grigio offers her one of two vials. One full of formula, the other with lethal toxin. But which is which? Is BW willing to gamble her life to save her from the pain of her broken body and the ever worsening withdrawals? BW takes the chance and guesses wrongOnce more waking up on Grigio’s bed she finds the villain standing over her. He is amazed she has survived the beating and toxin, but she is suffering so badly. He taunts her and finally she gives in, sucking his evil dick till he fills her mouth, and he gives her more formula, but now she craves more and she does all his despicable requests. She tries to resist but the power of the formula is too much.

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