Randy Moore – Mommy silk tease SD 2015

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As I go to wish you goodnight, I accidentally walk in on you playing with yourself! I reassure you that it’s completely natural for a boy your age to be doing such a thing. In fact, I encourage you to masturbate for me while I watch, because as your mommy, I want to make sure you’re doing it right. No need to be embarrassed, I want you to touch yourself. My, you sure have grown over the years! Look at how big your penis is now! I’ve noticed that you seem to be attracted to the silk and satin that I’m wearing. My white silk nighty, pink silk panties and my black satin robe are so shiny and soft, that you’re completely fixated on them. I let you touch them and enjoy how they feel. I show you how we can masturbate together, as I touch my pussy through the silk panties. Doesn’t it feel so good? I instruct you that when a woman is aroused, she will have wetness, as you can see from the wet spot forming on my panties. Don’t stroke your penis too fast, or you’ll cum quickly! I offer to let you feel my pussy with your penis, and as I pull my panties to the side to show you, you ejaculate! Aww…that’s ok sweetie. I know it’s hard for you to control it. That’s why I keep a toy in the night stand, because it happens to your father sometimes too! We will have another lesson soon and I will teach you how to hold out longer!

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