Taboo Diaries Naomi Clark – Grandpa Helped Me HD (clips4sale/JWTies/720p/2015)

aincest - 0366  Naomi Clark - Grandpa Helped Me

aincest - 0366  Naomi Clark - Grandpa Helped Me1

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Dear Diary, With all the stresses from school I figured Spring Break was a perfect time to visit Grandpa in Florida for some relaxation. My first night there I was watching TV with Gramps and going over my budget. Grandpa noticed something was bothering me and asked me to come sit on his lap.
I timidly explained my situation and Grandpa took me by surprise offering to pay for it all as long as I helped him too. When I asked what he ment he pulled down my top and his intentions became clear. Grandpa seduced me and had his way with me right there in his chair. Surprisingly he took care of my needs too except for cumming inside me of course.
More Later Naomi
Dear Diary, The following day Grandpa came into my room and when he saw I was naked he was instantly aroused. We made love for what seemed like hours and I really enjoyed it. Grandpa is a very skilled lover.
More To Come Naomi
Dear Diary, Grandpa and I had many risky encounters on my break so on my last morning I did something special to thank him. I gave Grandpa an awesome blowjob at the breakfast table and let him cum in my mouth. Grandpa was soo great I can’t wait til my next visit, I just hope I’m not pregnant.

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