Taboo-Fantasy – I slipped my Sister A Mickey! SD

aincest - 2259 Taboo-Fantasy I slipped my Sister A Mickey

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This is the sequel to the scene “drinking buddies”. as you may recall….in drinking buddies…..joey and his sister, lucy stayed home one night, and got really druunk….and ended up fucking each other, and then falling asleep. joey has only “fuzzy” memories of that even. he’s not sure that it really happened….and if it did happen….was his sister a good fuck? he can’t remember!!! this is very frustrating for joey….he needs to know if his sister is a good fuck or not….but he knows that they will never fuck again. joey has a plan!!! he offers his sister a drink. she reminds him that something “inappropriate” happened last time they got druunk…so she refuses the drink. joey tells her that getting druunk last time was the wrong thing to do….so tonight they will have one drink….and one drink only. as long as it’s only one drink…lucy agrees. however, when joey is pouring his sister’s drink…he distracts her….and slips a mickey into her drink!!! lucy has few sips from her drink….and then tells her brother that she is very tired, and that she is going to bed early. within minutes….lucy is completely !!! joey sneaks into her room…..slides her pants off…..and fucks his sleeping sister hard!!! joey pounds away at his sound asleep sister, confirming to himself that her pussy is awesome!!! she will wake up the next morning, and have no idea that her brother fucked her all night long!

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resolution: 720 x 480
duration: 00:11:00
size: 128 mb

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