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**Top 50 Hottest Clips on C4S!**

Your twin sister is more than just a sister to you. You share an indescribable connection… like two halves of a singular being. You know each other inside and out, not just because you share everything together, but because you are apart of each other. Your mother always told you both that other people would be jealous of what the two of you share…maybe she understood something about your relationship that you weren’t ready to understand.

It’s so natural between you two…the familial love…the chemistry…your almost identical DNA. Things have almost happened so many times before…but you both let societal norms keep you apart. But now…with you recently single and crashing at your sister’s place…it only feels right that you share a bed. The two of you share so much empathy for each other it’s like you can read each others thoughts… and you both want the same thing. Why do you both feel the need to pretend when no one can understand the way you feel about each other? She says, “Our bodies were made to be together. Doesn’t it feel so right to put your cock inside your twin sister’s pussy? Doesn’t it feel so right to be inside my body the way you’re always inside my mind? We’re twins…we were made to fuck each other. Our bodies were made to fit together…fuck what everyone says and thinks is normal…they will never understand what we have. We make our own rules.”

Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: After breaking up with your girlfriend, you spend the night on your twin sister’s couch. But it’s getting harder to ignore the feelings that you both know you have for each other. Ever since you were you’ve been able to basically read each other’s minds…and for a long time the two of you have thought of nothing but fucking each other. You’re both done letting the world dictate what the two of you should and shouldn’t do…they will never understand how much you want to be together. So fuck ‘em… let them think what they want. Your twin sister and you were made to fuck each other. **Twins. Twincest. Anal. Creampie**

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