Amateur Clips By Sexy Fantasies – Taboo Mommy Goes From Mean to Robot then Fucks Son HD 2015



In Reverse Cowgirl and Doggystyle Ending by Swallowing His Cum

Added: 7/7/15

Mommy comes into the room looking a bit un-kept and takes a seat on the couch next to where her son is sitting and starts to give him a mean attitude right away. She tells him she rules the house because she has perfect big tits. He says he will tell dad, but she laughs. He leaves to tell on her and she smiles big.

The son comes home one day and finds a note from his dad that says he is gone for a bit but that he took care of mommy. He is told to have fun with his new mommy. The son is confused and then hears noises.

He goes to investigate and sees mommy dressed like a slut. She is acting weird and she then tells him that dad reprogrammed her and she is now a new robot mommy.

She rubs her perfect ass on his cock and then grabs his cock. Her new lot in life is to please her son. She pushes him into a chair and takes his pants off then gives him a mix between a handjob, blow job, and titty fuck. She then asks if he is ready for robot mommy’s pussy and he says yes.

Mommy stands up and strips naked and then rides his cock reverse cowgirl. She then leads him over to the counter where she bends over and lets him fuck her hard in doggystyle.

She finally pushed him back onto the chair and sucks his cock until he cums in her mouth, catching and swallowing it all. Mommy reiterates she is now robot mommy and there to serve him. She sits on his lap and he plays with her big tits. Mommy asks if he is pleased with his new robot mommy and the sly look on his face tells the tale.

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