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ImMeganLive – Mom Wowed By Bully`s Cock HD 720p

ImMeganLive - Mom Wowed By Bully`s Cock HD 720p I am confronting my stepson's bully (you, the POV). The bully has been teasing and tormenting my stepson in the school locker room over his tiny, uncut dick. The bully constantly makes fun of my stepson for being uncut and having a gross foreskin calling him: Anteater dick, Turtleneck skin, Snuffleupagus, etc. And for being only 5 inches long (smaller than all the other boys in the locker room). I’ve invited the bully over to tell him off. I start by telling the bully how there's nothing wrong with my stepson's size. Even my husband is only 5 inches long! That its perfectly natural to have foreskin. In fact, I have only ever been with my husband so have only ever had an uncut dick and I think it’s totally fine. I challenge the bully about what's so great about his dick? Why does he think he's so superior, etc.? The bully decides to show me and pulls his cock of his pants I’m taken aback!! I've never seen a cock this big!! My husband and stepson are so small in comparison!!! Wow! I didn't even know a dick could be this big! I’m also totally intrigued by the fact that the bully's cock is so perfectly circumcised. I timidly ask if I can touch and then start to play with it, examining it closely both as to how big it is and how nicely circumcised it is. I start to say maybe I were wrong -- this cock is just so amazing! It really is nice how big it is and it’s so clean and tidy without all the foreskin that my husband has!! I start to praise the bully and start being convinced that BIG and CUT really is much better! I ask if I can blow the bully and start to give him a nice BJ while I talk about how amazing his CUT cock is and how much better it is that he's been circumcised. I talk about how gross it is to give my uncut hubby a BJ and how this is so much better. I end by talking about how I am going to have both my husband and stepson circumcised immediately! Too bad it won't make their cocks any bigger!!
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