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Chad White, Octavia Red – Phantom FullHD 1080p

Chad White, Octavia Red - Phantom FullHD 1080p A stunning woman and popular author, Octavia Red, is in the shopping mall parking lot when Chad White approaches her, expressing his enthusiasm for her work. He's a fan, an avid reader, and some might say he has become obsessed with Octavia. How could you not, with her beauty and brains-- she is the perfect woman. He tries to get her phone number, but she informs him that she's married. It takes every ounce of her strength to turn him away. He's undeniably handsome and there's something about him that makes her weak. She thinks to herself, "you are married, be good. Do. the. right. thing."
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Tatum Christine – Fucking My Bullied Son HD 720p

Tatum Christine - Fucking My Bullied Son HD 720p I come into your room to ask about your day. You tell me it was good, but I can see that you are a little upset. You tell me some guys were being mean to you, bulling you! You won't tell me who or what they said so I tell you that I don't want you in your room by yourself. You need to come out and hang out with your mom. You eventually calm down and we have a heart to heart. You tell me you don't want to tell me what they said because you are scared it might be true.... I tell you to stop being silly bc what do some nobody bullies really know about my son anyways! ...They were calling you a mama's boy, and a mother fucker!!! I tell you how silly that is, who cares if you're a mamas boy they are just jealous of our relationship and their moms probably don't show them love... and as for being a mother fucker.. well you know that's true bc we have never had sex. We've never even talked about it for any reason ever... you think you maybe attracted to me though and that's the problem. We finish our conversation and I take you to my bed room. We have a slow dance to Your Mothers Eye by Etta James. I confess that you aren't the only one who has those feelings, I do too. I tell you why I do. One thing leads to another and you do in fact happily become a mother fucker. After the cum scene there is some after care and cuddle moments.
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