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Helena Price – A Teachers Life Part 2 – Pimping Out One Of My Students! FullHD 1080p

This little bitch thought she could blackmail me. LOL. I dont care if she exposes me as a married slut to my students. I really dont care if the world knows Im a slut so I dont know why she thinks shes going to blackmail me. Instead I have a better idea. I call up one of my "sponsors" to let him know that I have a sexy little student that Im willing to offer up to him for a thousand dollars. Shes a petite young thing and very tiny. She has know idea what I have in store for her. I know this older guy is going to love fucking the daylights out of this innocent looking student! Im going to get some cock in the process of pimping her out too, so win win! lol!
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Taboo Heat Luke Longly, Cory Chase, John Long – BBC Championship Season – Gym Motivation FullHD 1080p

Taboo Heat Luke Longly, Cory Chase, John Long - BBC Championship Season - Gym Motivation FullHD 1080p Building a Team- One of the players, John Long, is walking around the gym, but he is unsure of how to use the equipment. Cory Chase, the coach's wife, walks into the gym and she offers to help John work out in the gym! John really wants to build up some muscle today, and he doesn't want to injure himself. Cory starts to show John around the gym, and she helps him with some work outs. A few minutes later, Cory is sweating from her work out and she asks John if he would mind if she took her top off. He tells her that he doesn't mind, so she lifts her shirt over her head, and reveals a yellow bra. Then, she pulls her shorts down to the ground, leaving just a yellow thong on her body. Cory lifts up some weights and she starts to do squats, while she has John spot her ass.
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Mama Fiona aka Fiona Costello – Blessed FullHD 1080p

 Mama Fiona aka Fiona Costello - Blessed FullHD 1080p You are an orphan boy with a GIGANTIC cock who has a very loving sexual relationship with one of the nuns at the orphanage. Unfortunately you have just aged out of the orphanage and I am desperate to keep in touch with you - lets just say that your dick has really done a number on me!!! I devise a plan to have you placed in foster care with my twin sister, whom you may or may not be able to seduce with your giant dick. I tell you to wait for me just in case, that I’ll be back for you even if things don’t work out with my sister. Anyway, you two take some time to get to know each other and I (now the twin sister) am in utter disbelief at the the size of your GIANT dick, and at your… erm, sexual maturity. It doesn’t take long before I am completely overtaken at the thought of fucking my new son… and before you know it we are fucking like rabbits, EVERYWHERE! all over the whole house! Creampie after creampie…. (queu incredible porn movie music montage) we are in heaven. Eventually after all those creampies, we receive some incredible news! Maybe you, me, my sister, and others…. we will all get to be an incestuous little family some day!
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