Addiction – My Roommate – Cum On Mommy`s Yoga Pants FullHD

Cum On Mommy`s Yoga Pants

You keep the leggings on through the entire video. No underwear underneath and wear a sexy top with the pants. The dialogue can be improvised but should be something resembling the script.
Premise: You roommates with a guy in a house. You don’t know him that well yet since you’ve only been living there a few weeks, you rent one of the bedrooms and you guys share the living room. You are wearing the shiny black leggings I bought you and a sexy top to go with it. You are in the living by yourself doing some yoga/stretches.

The guy walks in (not a POV type shot). He sees you doing yoga, you’re in a position with your ass up in the air with the leggings on (your ass facing the camera). He is stares for a few seconds mesmerized at what he’s seeing, you notice him staring and give him a puzzling look. He apologizes and says he’s sorry and he didn’t know you were using the living room, he says he’ll come back later.

You: “That’s ok, I could actually use some help stretching, do you mind giving me a hand?”

The guy gets behind you and helps you stretch. You bend over and he has his hands on your hips to help you keep your balance. After a few seconds he moves his hands onto your ass over your leggings to cop a feel. You give a look like you are enjoying it but also slightly annoyed. He does it for a few seconds and then you ask him what he’s doing.

You: “what are you doing? I asked you to help me stretch, not grope me”.

Guy: “I’m sorry, I just got a little excited and my hand s slipped”

You: “whatever, just help me stretch, and watch your hands”

You are now on all fours and the guy is behind you on his knees. You push your ass into his crotch, it seems accidental at first but then you do it again. You start slowly grinding against his crotch.
He has his hands on your hips but when he notices you are starting to grind against him he starts feeling and squeezing your ass over the leggings again. You don’t stop him this time. You continue grinding against him and moaning lightly.

You are looking forward and he takes it as an opportunity to discreetly take his dick out of his pants (he keeps his pants on for now, just unzips them to take his dick out). He’s got an erection and kind of lays his erect dick flat on top of your ass (kind of along your ass crack) on your leggings. You keep thrusting in and out at a slow pace. He also gets his dick in a position horizontal with the floor and presses the tip into your leggings, as if he was fucking you but isn’t penetrating you cause of the pants.

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