Addyson James, Ricky Spanish – Naughty Boy FullHD

Addyson James, Ricky Spanish - Naughty Boy

Addyson James, Ricky Spanish - Naughty Boy

Addyson James is on the phone with her husband when her son Billy (Ricky Spanish) grabs her waist -a no-no!. After finishing her call, she sets him straight – their taboo affair is over.

Billy objects, claiming he has real affection for her, but mom explains that his father suspects that they’re carrying on, and he’s bringing his mother over for Sunday dinner, so he better behave or grandma will get on their case, too. “Part of growing up is learning when to quit”, she points out, but Billy responds: “I’m not ready to quit you”. He’s scheduled to move out of the house at the end of summer, yet he won’t give up, pledging: “I’ll come to visit on weekends. I just can’t live without you, mom”.

Billy is adamant: he suggests he’ll quit school and get a job if mom divorces his father and then they can be together, but she’s not having any of it. That night, he visits mom as she’s in bed reading a book, to bring her a glass of water. She invites him: “Come lay with me -nothing else”. Billy can’t resist snuggling and caressing her, but stepmom insists: “We shouldn’t -you can leave now”. Billy pleads: “Just a few more minutes” and kisses her on the neck.

When he starts fondling her large breasts, removing her robe, she insists: “Stop!”. He obeys, and she explains: “We can’t keep doing this. I need you to go back to being my boy. If anyone finds out our lives could be ruined”. Billy plays the sympathy card, and begs her: “Please, just one more time to say goodbye? Then I promise I’ll leave you alone. I’ll go back to being just your stepson”. “But this is the last time, right?”, she asks. “It better be good”, Billy jokes.

As they kiss, he fingers her pussy while his other hand caresses her breast. Suddenly, they’re interrupted by her cell phone ringing. “It’s your father -I have to answer it”, she laments but doesn’t answer. They continue, but husband Darren phones again and she has to pick up. While she has a trivial conversation with him about Sunday dinner, Billy continues the lovemaking, going down on mommy. She pretends it’s hubby’s dog who’s distracting her, declaring on the phone: “Stop, you naughty dog!”. She finally gets off the phone, and tells Billy: “You’re so naughty, and he barks comically, then pulls out his cock and enters her. Watch the taboo scene unfold…

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