Allie Summers – My Cheerleader Step-Sister want take her first dick HD 720p

Allie Summers - My Cheerleader Step-Sister want take her first dick HD 720p

My hot little step-sister came downstairs to see me watching a movie. I already agreed to let her have the house to herself while her cheer squad practices their dance routine. I’ve decided to stay in. Wouldn’t you if this hot little redhead was your step-sister and strutting around in her slutty little cheerleader skirt? Just the idea of her and her hot girlfriends bouncing around in the living room made my cock twitch to attention and I knew I had to break my promise.
My promise isn’t the only thing I want to break. My hottie step-sister is begging to be broken in. She puts on airs like she is a proper, preppy, princess, but I know the little bitch is in heat. I sneak in her room to catch a whiff of her sweet little pussy in her dirty panties from time to time, and under her bed I saw a tiny cucumber full of pussy juice, the ultimate jackpot! It’s been my dream to try out a dark medicine I bought, if it works, I will be the happiest boy in the word.

I’ve got video evidence to show you that it worked, I know there is no way anyone would believe me otherwise. Watch as she struts down the stairs, her curly red hair tied in pig tails, she turned off the TV and told me to leave. I pulled out her perfume bottle, where I added the medicine, and spritzed her face. She inhaled deeply and *achoo!* She still had her mind about her, I started to think I buzzed my precious money, but then I wished she would stop still in her tracks… and she did! I willed her to drop her bag, and she did. I saw that whatever I wished she would do, she did for me. I wanted her to dance for me, not that silly little cheer that she does in the auditorium at school, but something hotter.

I had her ruffling through her bag and sticking things in her pussy, moaning, her eyes crossing, rolling in the back of her head when she hit her sweet spot. My little step-sister makes the sweetest, sexiest moans when she cums. I knew she was into it, her mind wasn’t turned yet, but the more I sprayed the perfume, the more doll-like she became. I wanted her to bend over and take my thick cock, and her pussy was so wet and tight. I thrusted into her little pink flower until I came.

The cheerleader squad came in just as we were catching our breath. There was the head cheerleader, Lana the blonde with massive tits, Jill, the petite stunner, Stella, the doe-eyed hottie with a bob cut. Allie looked at the girls crossed eyed as my cum leaked out of her, “hey girls,” she managed to say, “check out my step-brother’s new perfume.” They gasped!

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