Amateur Boxxx Alice Pink – I Fucked my BF’s Hot GF While He Filmed it FullHD 1080p

 Amateur Boxxx Alice Pink - I Fucked my BF's Hot GF While He Filmed it FullHD 1080p

So there I was the other night hanging out with my best friend and his girlfriend. We were watching the new season of Big Sky when all of a sudden things got weird. In the middle of the show we took a little intermission so I could pee and refill my drink. But when I got back his girlfriend was laying on the couch spread eagle rubbing her pussy on the outside of her panties. At first I tried to act like I didn’t see anything and I told them I was sorry for walking in on something I probably shouldn’t have. But when my best friend told me it wasn’t an accident and that he wanted me to fuck his girlfriend I was in total shock. I mean of course I think she’s hot as fuck, but I know how jealous my best friend can get about her. I was really confused then his girlfriend, Alice, told me the skinny. I guess she read through my best friend’s phone the other night and found out that he fucked one of her sorority sisters while she was visiting her parents house last weekend. Well I guess she freaked out on him and basically gave him an ultimatum. She was either going to dump him right then and there or she was going to get payback and fuck one of his friends while he watched. He was totally cra cra about his bitch so he obviously chose the ladder scenario. She then told him that she wanted to fuck ME. I thought it was crazy but who am I to judge. I proceeded to bang my best friends girlfriend while he filmed the entire thing. Fucking crazy. But I gotta tell you it was one of the best fucks of my life

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