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Shy Guy Mind Controls his Hot Latina Maid

Freddy is a little bit shy when it comes to the ladies. He really has a crush on his Smokin Hot Latina Maid, Natalia. Every time he tries to talk to her, the maid starts speaking Spanish and he doesn’t know how to communicate with her. He’s tried to ask her out multiple times but either she doesn’t understand him or she’s just messing with him because she doesn’t like him sexually. Either way he isn’t getting anywhere with her. When he was visiting Taiwan the week before he went to the black market. He happened to stumble across a vendor who was selling micro chips. Not regular computer micro chips, but ones that have the capability to control the minds of others. Freddy bought two of them and today he’s going to use one of them on his maid. Watch as Freddy inserts a micro chip into Natalia’s ear and he controls her like a robot. Freddy finally gets his way with her. He makes her sit down next to him on the couch and they have a mini date. He makes her have a conversation in English and he feeds her lines. It makes him feel happy. After that Freddy has her masturbate in front of him while he jacks off on her feet. Finally he has her put her shoes back on and clean his dirty house. A few minutes later he pulls out the micro chip. It’s amazing, Natalia doesn’t remember a thing. How fabulous. Maybe next week he’ll get the balls to finger bang her with his penis.

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