AmateurBoxxx – Katie Kush, Ella Cruz – Area 51 Alien Mind Fuck 720p

AmateurBoxxx - Katie Kush, Ella Cruz - Area 51 Alien Mind Fuck 720p

Katie and Ella are True Alien Believers. They know that Extraterrestrials are real and they think the government is hiding them from us. When they found out there were a million others like them who also believe, they knew they weren’t alone. They signed up for the online campaign and are camping outside AREA 51 in preparation of the big day. Supporters are showing up in larger numbers and the excitement is growing. Katie and Ella are just hoping they get to see some real life aliens, and truth be told, they are both looking for a little Alien Sexual Encounter.

Its night time on their second day camping out and the girls are coming out of their tent. They sit and talk, making sure they have the supplies they need to survive the long stake out. Excited that more and more supporters are showing up and that they will succeed, they discuss what they would do with their aliens when they find them. Turns out, They really just want some big alien dick. Weird things happen in the middle of nowhere at night, and Area 51 is a know hotspot for extra terrestrial activity. These girls discover something they weren’t prepared for. Through alien mind control, they find out the truth once and for all.

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