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 My Son cum all over my chest

“If in the first act you have hung a pistol on the wall, then in the following one it should be fired. Otherwise don’t put it there.” The same idea goes with a cleavage, indeed. I selected this dress for its deep, aesthetic cleavage that highlights my big boobs like no other. Aaaand, what would match that cleavage, what would make it complete, huh? You might have a few ideas in your mind, but the true answer lies down there, in your pants, waiting to be touched and aroused. My boyfriend’s cock went instantly hard when he saw my outfit and I thought that would be nice to comfort him by placing his throbbing dick in between my boobs, right in the middle of that provocative cleavage. I could read the satisfaction in the way he was looking at me, and in his thankful voice, in his moaning. He was growing too aroused, and I did not want him to cum too soon and miss all the fun and surprises, so I switched to jerking off for a few minutes, just to give him some time to recoil. Then I placed his cock back in one of his favorite places in the world, pressing my tits together with my cute small hands, pressing them so had that they’d end looking like two juicy cantaloupes. I moved my tits up and down, being careful to touch the tip in the process and to offer him the most genuine experience. He grew hornier and hornier, and I felt that, so I adjusted my moves, postponing a bit the big, final moment, until it became impossible to postpone: in that very moment he came explosively, it was a titty cream-pie, a hands-free TiJob cum-shot, with cum all over my chest, boobs and deep down my cleavage!

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