Amedee Vause – Show Me Step-Daddy 4k 2160p

Amedee Vause - Show Me Step-Daddy 4k 2160p

I wanted to ask you about something Step-Daddy… A couple of things, actually. I’ve been feeling strange thighs lately. Like… my nipples. They get hard so randomly! And they rub against the fabric of the blouse I happen to wear and it quite uncomfortable. Why does this happen? It happens when I’m a bit cold, or just like that. It’s not necessarily unpleasant, it’s just… weird. I also get these tingles in my belly, down there. They get stronger and stronger, like an urge… I feel the need to do something and I don’t know what should I do. I noticed that if I rub my pussy a bit they disappear, but come back very quickly. I rubbed for a long time once and not only they disappeared for days, but I felt a full body sensation, something very odd and pleasant. My pussy was completely wet after! You don’t believe me? Not even about the nipples? What? You want me to show you? Is it okay if I show you? It’s a bit awkward for me to do it, maybe if you show me yours too? I rub mine and you’ll rub yours! No way, some white milky liquid comes out in the end? I totally wanna watch that. Wait, I want all of it splashed on me, can you do that for your girl, Step-Daddy?

Format: mp4
Resolution: 3840 x 2160
Duratio: 00:12:52
Size: 650 Mb

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