American Nikkinevada – Blackmailed By My Son FullHD 1080p

 American Nikkinevada - Blackmailed By My Son FullHD 1080p

So, last weekend while my husband was out of town I went out with a guy from work. We were at a small restaurant in a dark corner. We were kissing and making out. Before you judge me, my husband is gone alot and well a woman has needs too. Anyways, apparently my son just happened to come to the same restaurant at the same time we were there. And of course he saw us. Later that evening at home he confronted me. He threatened to tell his father unless….you guessed it….unless I had sex with him!!! Sex with my son!?!?! I begged him not to tell his father about my one little indiscretion. He just smiled and walked away. Then this morning as I lay in bed I feel a hand on my leg. Startled I look up. It’s my son. He is here to collect on the debt. I try to talk him out of this. I tell him how wrong it is. But he ignores me. He continues to touch my body. He slides my panties aside and begins fingering my pussy. I protest. But my body betrays me. He and I both can hear the sloppy wetness of my pussy. And my hips begin to move. I can see the growing bulge in his shorts. Oh God, no. He pulls his shorts off and there is his hard cock right in my face. He shoves it toward my mouth, even slapping me in the face a couple of times with it. I have no choice but to open my mouth and let my son stick his cock in it. He fucks my face. Soon, he is ready to put his cock elsewhere. Again I beg him not to do this. But he slides his bare cock in my pussy. Even though I know this is not what I want and I know how very wrong it is, it feels so good I cannot help but moan with pleasure and move my body up to meet his. At least he has the decency to pull out and cum on my ass instead of inside of me. Now, that that is over, my debt is paid. He better not tell his father.

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