Angel The Dreamgirl – Welcome to the dark side Its your new secret life FullHD 1080p

Angel The Dreamgirl - Welcome to the dark side Its your new secret life FullHD 1080p

I have come up with a good story for this! How about this, you can be an evil nurse that is obsessed with another womans man, he goes for an exam, and he realizes its you when you walk as his nurse, and he panics but you relax him, he wakes up with his hard cock in a condom in your hand as you take advantage of telling him its not cheating if he has a condom on, as you kiss the head of his cock and licks it he resists telling you please no but secretly he might start to like it as you suck on it, you can take it slow and show off your oral skills as we discussed above and with what I showed you to see how long he can take it before he gives you the cum you want, toring him with oral pleasure, Making him cum against his will as if he thinks if he cums he will live forever guilty that he cheated even though he was helpless in this situation he found himself in. Throughout the video, you can say I want your cum, and are you going to cum for me while he resists saying no, please no, my wife. And you can baby him like, oh poor baby, etc.
Then when he finally does cum while you play with it, you can laugh and say, now, you are all mine. Then before the video ends, you can open your mouth wide with your tongue out, zooming in for the viewer to cum into. I was thinking after he cums and you are done playing with, and you can bite the condom open and suck out the cum and show it on your tongue that would be so hot lol then swallow it and proceed with the requested end scene.
(If possible, or a popsicle that is similar and changes your tongue color) and a cock in condom (your favorite flavored condom if possible) licking the tip, Kissing the tip, sucking, and slurping nice and slow no stroking, precum in a condom if possible (you play with it while its trapped in there using your lips and tongue) and finish him by sucking and slurping on the tip while he cums in the condom and its show the load trapped in there and you can lick at it and suck on it and kiss it, play with it that would be hot content haha then at the end of the video it can close out zooming in as you open wide with your tongue out for my (the viewers) cum, as far as the camera angles go for the rest you seem to have it done perfectly in every video, I loved your camera angles (and the blowjob itself) on demons kiss etc..

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