Anna Claire Clouds, Ryan Driller – I Wished for You, Daddy HD 720p

Anna Claire Clouds, Ryan Driller - I Wished for You, Daddy HD 720p

Anna Claire (Clouds) has a loving stepdad (Ryan Driller) who’s a tad overprotective, as he’s responsible for the young woman, living with him following his breakup with her mom.

She’s about to go out on a date when Ryan confronts her, disturbed by her wearing a very short skirt, way too sexy according to his prudish approach. As they argue about this, she’s texting back and forth with the date whose car is waiting outside, and the man ends up dumping her -poor Anna Claire rushes to her bedroom in tears.

It’s her 18th birthday, and stepdaddy brings a chocolate cupcake bearing a single candle to her room to celebrate, as a peace offering. He remains adamant about her not behaving like a slut and is even less pleased when she confesses the guy is 46 years old, and owns the company where she works! After he sings “Happy Birthday” to her and they share an intimate moment over the cupcake, she’s still mad at daddy. But that night she sees Ryan masturbating in the shower, and later summons up the courage to sneak into his bedroom while he’s fast asleep, climbing under the covers next to him. She kisses him lightly on the shoulder and daddy wakes up, but pretends to be still asleep as she strokes his cock. He becomes upset with this behavior and confronts the girl, demanding: “What are you doing?!”. “I was supposed to lose my virginity last night. I wanted you to be the man to take it instead”, she confesses.

Speaking in a sexy whisper, Anna Claire tells him how she knows he wants her too, why else would he be so strict in blocking her from dating anyone? Ryan’s pent-up urges cannot be held back, as he hovers nude above the young beauty, and they kiss passionately, as Anna Claire resumes stroking his now-erect cock. Watch the taboo scene unfold…

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