Aria Valencia – Not Your Little Girl FullHD 1080p

 Aria Valencia - Not Your Little Girl FullHD 1080p

Aria Valencia has a huge crush on her stepfather. He is a very reserved man, but she feels like he is neglected by her mother and does her best to seduce him. She puts on a short skirt and finds him alone in his study. Aria does her best to get his attention, but he sends her way, scolding her to not act like a whore. She is crushed but decides to show him. He still sees her as his sweet stepdaughter and not as a grown woman with needs. Maybe if she dressed like a whore, he can see that her lust is not just an act, but a real expression of her desires. She sets up her phone and records a short video of her dressed in her revealing outfit and touching herself…

He gets the video and cannot believe his eyes. He can’t control his feelings now and she pounces on the opportunity. Aria can see his cock grow in his pants and knows he wants her as much as she wants him. She puts her mouth around him and he helps guide her all the way to the base. If she wants to be a whore, he is going to fuck her like her one. No one has ever done this to her and her body responds to every hard stroke. Fucking her pussy and showing her how much fun choking can be, he makes her fantasies come true and she cums under his powerful thrusts. He pulls out and shoots all over her face. As he leaves he gives her a warning. If she ever wears that outfit again, she will get the same treatment. Aria makes a mental note to wear it every time her mother leaves the house.

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