Ariel Anderssen – Forbidden Love Just This Once FullHD 1080p

Ariel Anderssen - Forbidden Love Just This Once FullHD 1080p

A month has passed since we made our mistake, and we’ve not talked about it; but as I rush into my bedroom to grab my mobile phone on my way to work, I find you on my bed, masturbating and playing with my panties. This has GOT to stop. We can’t have anything to do with each other sexually – it’s totally wrong and I should never have given you a blowjob, I don’t know what I was thinking last month. No, of COURSE I don’t think about it. I’ve completely put it out of my mind. Oh, do you? You fantasise about how it felt when I sucked your cock and you came in my mouth? Oh well, ok, I DO sometimes think about it. But I know we mustn’t go any further. No, I’m SURE that actually fucking me wouldn’t cure you of this obsession. And it wouldn’t cure me either! Oh God, ok, but you have to understand that this is a total one off!
I don’t have time to fully undress, so I rip a hole in my sheer tan tights, and cut out the crotch of my panties to give you access to my pussy. At first, your cock feels far too big, but almost immediately, we both surrender to the taboo delights of fucking on my bed. Just this one time. So we need to make it count! And I bet you want to see me cum, don’t you? Well, I want you to have something good to remember, since this is a one-off. So once you’ve cum inside me I take my vibrator and explain all the things I fantasise about you doing with me, when I’m alone…

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