Ashley Alexander, Joshua – Spying Isn’t Free FullHD

Ashley Alexander, Joshua - Spying Isn't Free

Ashley Alexander

Joshua has been secretly spying on his little stepsister Ashley in the shower for quite some time now. Watching her sweet teen body wash up gets him rock-hard every time, but he’s careful not to get caught. One day though, Ashley catches him red-handed while she’s soaping up her petite tits and ass in the bathroom doorway. She tries to make the best of this situation by offering a blowjob in exchange for some cash – after all, she needs it too! But getting his dick sucked isn’t enough for Joshua; he continues to perv on his stepsister even after giving her money.

With no more cash left over from giving it all to Ashley earlier that day (and with an insatiable urge burning inside), she comes up with another idea: if he wants more than just a blowjob then maybe they could fuck instead? All he has left is access to his college fund which could be used as payment instead of money… And so without hesitation or thought about consequences later down the line (or even considering whether this might be wrong), Joshua jumps at this chance like a hungry wolf eyeing its prey – because let’s face it – there’s nothing better than banging your hot little stepsister when you’re horny as hell!

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