AstroDomina – The Wife And The Masseuse SD (


Scene starts with the wife entering the massage parlor while talking to her husband on the phone. A tragic accident just occurred to the family and he wants to talk to his wife on the phone. While her needy husband is talking to her, she undresses, getting herself ready for her massage. It’s been a very stressful day and this massage will surely ease away the stress. The male masseuse comes in. He overhears the conversation from the other room and simply cannot deny her from having a great and relaxing time. So he decides to help her on a more sexual level.

He gently starts caressing her back, her ass, then moved to her pussy. She doesn’t say anything to stop him from what he’s doing. But instead, encouraged him more to continue what he’s doing. This is one massage therapy session that she will never ever forget!

Category: POV SEX
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