Bare Back Studios Cadence Lux – Daddy’s Seductive Shopper SD

Bare Back Studios Cadence Lux - Daddy's Seductive Shopper SD

Dad is sitting on the couch, looking at his watch; Step-Daughter (Cadence) was supposed to be home from school hours ago. Step-Daughter finally arrives home carrying various shopping bags and giggling. Where the hell have you been? asks Step-Dad angrily. Oh Step-Daddy I was just out doing a little shopping; you like Step-Daddy? asks step-daughter displaying her sexy school girl out fit and modeling it for Step-Dad. “I don’t think that is appropriate for school young lady. Laughs step-dad as she approaches and sits on his lap before kissing him passionately; Step-Dad sticks his hand up step-daughter’s skirt and begins rubbing her clit through her silk panties. “Oh step-daddy, if you think this isn’t appropriate for school, what do you think about this? hisses step-daughter seductively as she gets down between step-dad’s legs and pulls his cock out and slowly inserts it into her warm, wet mouth. Step-Dad attempts to protests but quickly gives up as the feel of his cock being jerked and protruding in his step-daughter’s throat causes him to moan louder and louder. Step-Daughter takes off her shirt, exposing her breasts and making step-father moan louder and louder; she begins fingering herself through her panties, first slowly then faster and faster. “Oh Step-Daddy, cum with be, please! begs step-daughter as she sucks and jerks step-father’s cock faster and faster as she fingers herself. Moments later Step-Dad moan’s loudly exploding down daughters throat; the vibration of step-daughter’s moan on step-father’s cock as she orgasms causes step-dad’s eyes to roll into the back of his head. Step-Daughter sucks on step-dad a little longer, making sure not to waste a drop of cum; she stands and smiles as she giggles. “Damn, you are so hot. Says step-dad out of breathe.“Just wait until you see my other outfits step-daddy.winks step-daughter motioning step-dad to follow her as she picks up her bags and leaves the room.

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Resolution: 852 x 480
Duratio: 00:42:23
Size: 710 Mb

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