Bare Back Studios – Karma RX, Cory Chase – Remote Control Daughter HD mp4 [720p/2019]

 Bare Back Studios - Karma RX, Cory Chase - Remote Control Daughter

Scene One: Never Disrespect Daddy

Luke is enjoying a cup of coffee in his kitchen one morning, when his daughter walks in to the room. She is wearing tiny jean shorts and a grey crop top with sneakers. “What are you doing here?! Aren’t you supposed to be at college?!” Luke asks Karma. Karma explains to him that she dropped out of college and she is just going to get a sugar daddy or become a stripper instead! Luke notices that she has gotten a lot of tattoos recently as well! He is very upset with his daughter’s life choices. He begins to tell her that he has a new invention at work that he needs to try out. When she turns her back towards him, he pulls out a remote control and says “freeze!” All of a sudden, his daughter begins to act like a doll. He waves his hands in front of her but she doesn’t move or make a sound.

Then he pulls her tank top up above her big tits, and he pulls her shorts down to the ground. Then he decides to unfreeze her! Karma starts to freak out because she doesn’t know how she ended up half naked in front of her dad. Luke lies to her and tells her that she wanted to show him some of her stripper moves! Karma is confused and she tells her dad that his remote invention doesn’t really work. He proves her wrong by freezing her again! “Looks like daddy’s little girl needs a lesson! Don’t disrespect daddy!” he tells her. He pulls her shorts down to the ground and then he lifts her tank top over her head. He decides to program her as “daddy’s obedient little slut,” and she gets down on her knees and opens her mouth. He starts to fuck her face with his hard cock. While his dick is in her mouth, he decides to hit the “unfreeze” button again. Karma is humiliated and confused! She jumps up and runs out of kitchen…

Scene Two: Anal Mode

Cory is sitting on the couch in her red, lace bathrobe as Karma comes running over towards her mom! “Mom! Dad was just doing stuff to me!” she begins to say. Cory ignores what her daughter is saying and she immediately starts questioning her as to why she is home from college and why she has so many tattoos now! Karma keeps trying to tell her mother that her dad put his dick in her mouth! Cory finally listens to what her daughter is saying and she walks off to go find Luke. A minute later, Luke sneaks in to the living room and sits down next to Karma. Karma is scared to be near her dad because she doesn’t know what’s going on or how his cock got in to her mouth! “If you’re not going to college then you have to work in other ways…” he begins to tell her. He freezes her again and then he lies her down on the couch. He sucks on her nipples before shoving his cock inside of her pussy. He unfreezes her and she starts to panic again. She tries to crawl away from her daddy, and that’s when he freezes her again. He programs her to say “fuck my tight little asshole!” Then he shoves his cock deep inside of her ass! He programs her to become an “anal loving whore” next, and she starts to repeat that over and over! “Do you want to taste daddy’s cock?” he asks her, and she says yes. She sucks his cock before flipping over in to the doggystyle position for more anal sex. He fucks her from behind and then she sucks his cock again before getting in to the missionary position. He shoves his cock back in her ass hole and then he unfreezes her! She starts to panic again and she tells him that it hurts! He freezes her again and he picks her up and carries her in to the bedroom to finish…

Scene Three: Monster in Bed

Luke drops Karma down on the bed, so they can continue what they started in the living room! He says “eyes follow” which allows her to look around the room but she is unable to move or speak yet. He starts telling her how later on, he is going to have anal sex with her and her mother at the same time! He starts to fuck her pussy but then he realizes that it’s in the wrong hole completely. He takes his cock out of her pussy and puts it in her ass this time. Then he programs her to say “Fuck all of my tight little holes, daddy! All of my holes are yours!”

He switches back and forth between her holes, and then he unfreezes her! She starts to panic again, but he shoves his cock in her mouth while telling her that this is her way of paying him back for what happened with college. He flips her over on to her stomach and fucks her pussy and ass hole. He programs her to turn back in to his slutty, anal loving daughter now. “I love how it feels when you fuck my ass, daddy!” she moans. He hits a top secret button which makes her turn in to an even sluttier version of herself. “Fuck all my holes, daddy! I love being your little slut!” she moans over and over. He keeps fucking her until he gets close to cumming, and then he jerks his cock all over her face! He decides to leave her on the bed with cum dripping down her face…

Scene Four: Mother Daughter Anal Threesome

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