BareBackStudios – Molly Jane in Punishment for Stealing HD



Scene One: Taking money
I need money? Molly tells her dad. When don’t you need money. You’re not getting anything out of me. He says leaving. Looking down she notices that dad forgot his wallet. She pulls out his credit card Sweet, I’m going shopping!? She giggles leaving the house. It’s not long before dad figures out that she took his money. Molly comes back home with bags in hand. She bought some things and promises her daddy she didn’t spend too much. He pulls her over his knees Bad girls get treated like bad girls and get spanked he yells at her slapping her ass. Oww Oww? she yells. Go see your mother? He snaps. Mom has an outfit for her to put on as part of her punishment. Molly comes back to her daddy wearing heels and fishnet pantyhose. He puts cuffs on her wrists and ankles having big plans for her. Facing him he makes her pull out her breasts out of the top of her shirt and pinch and pull her nipples. Molly’s face is one of pain as she obeys her daddy’s commands. He makes her face the wall and spread her hands and legs. Pulling down her pantyhose and thong he spanks her hard making her cry out.

Scene Two: Paying with a red ass
Grabbing her ponytail daddy pulls her to the ground and shoves his cock into her mouth. Molly gags against him as she is mouth fucked. Dad takes off his belt and whips her ass as she sucks him. Her painful cries are muffled by her full mouth. He hits her with his belt over and over around the room. With her ass red he gets behind her and fucks her. Her screams are deafening as dad continues to whip her and fuck her pulling on her hair. Have you learned your lesson yet dad asks. YES? Molly screams as the whip slaps her ass hard.

Scene Three: Yes daddy

Daddy commands her to take off her stockings and underwear. Putting her heels back on Molly is desperate to make the punishment stop. You’re going to come over here and ride my cock? Daddy tells her. With tears in her eyes Molly slides down onto her father fucking him. She has never been treated so badly as her father slaps her ass. With gasping breaths Molly is fucked until her body aches. Get into the bedroom her daddy yells.
Pushing Molly onto the bed he connects her cuffs wrists to ankle putting her in a permanent ass up position. He fucks her mouth again. Are you sorry for stealing my money? He asks. YES DADDY? She screams her ass being slapped.

Scene Four: Learning a lesson
Pushing her face down on the bed he fucks her hard making her scream and moan. Fucking her raw he makes her present his ass for him and he whips it again. He makes her promise never to steal from him or her mother again, her answers coming between painful belt whips. She gasps as he fucks her again, destroying her completely. Just when she thinks he’s done he pulls her to the floor to take his cum into her open mouth. With her mouth full of cum he shoves his cock into her mouth and face fucks her one last time, force feeding her the cum. No more stealing money? He says. I promise? Molly squeaks nearly crying.

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