Brandon Areana – I fucked your Ddy now you’re my Stepson FullHD 1080p

Brandon Areana – I fucked your Ddy now you're my Stepson FullHD 1080p

I’ve know you and your family for a long time now, your stepmother and I have always run in the same “Homeroom-mom Groups” and you and my boy used to be so close, you’ve both enjoyed many, many night over at my house. A single mother, I’ve always tried to make sure you guys had the best time. We swam and would stay up late watching movies and eating junk food. When you two started to go through the changes, I noticed the most changes in you. You were a lot less focused on the biggest cannonball and way more focused on my tiny bikini and certainly you didn’t think I was actually dreaming with my eyes closed on the couch when you stayed over, under-boob of my ample, MILF tits barely visible and you peaking around the corner, hard boner poking through your boxer shorts, touching yourself as you watched me peacefully catching some zzzzz’s – or so you thought. Now you’re big, strong and very popular, way too cool to hang with my stepson anymore, so when you both went out for the football team and you earned the BEST position and spot on the team and he didn’t even make the team at all. I was fuming, I knew that would happen but still I couldn’t contain my rage when I saw his broken heart! Then I went to the salon just a few weeks ago and guess who was bragging up a storm about her PERFECT, ALL STAR, VARSITY stepson, well none other than your stepmother, that’s who! That was when I decided enough was enough. I must get back at you, BOTH of you. So that day I set into motion my cruel plan…I decided that I was going to FUCK YOUR step daddy and make you my stepson! And that is exactly what I did. It’s no wonder you have lusted after me for years because seemingly your pathetic stepfather has too so once I showed him even an ounce of attention he was eating out of my hand, pussy whipped in no time. I begin to unravel and destroy your family. Home wrecked by your first favorite MILF , now what? Are you going to keep jerking off for me??? Oh, wow, look at that! Look at how hard you are just sitting here with me, your whole life destroyed and you are hard as a rock for NEW-mommy!

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