British Fiona Dagger – Mesmerized To Fuck My Dad FullHD

British Fiona Dagger - Mesmerized To Fuck My Dad FullHD

British Fiona Dagger

You’re complaining to your daughter about your lack of success with dating, and your daughter does her usual thing of blaming it on your ’embarrassing’ hobby of being an amateur magician! She goes on and on about how cringey it is and how no woman will want to date you if you talk about it, and besides, all that ‘mesmerization’ stuff you’re always taking about is a total sham and doesn’t actually work on anybody!

Fed up with your daughter’s disrespect and disbelief in your abilites, you tell her you’ll prove to her that it works. She says fine, you can try, but you’re not allowed to be upset when it doesn’t work on her, because she knows it won’t work at all! You quickly begin mesmerizing her and it doesn’t take long to her to fall into a trance. You decide at first to tell her that when she wakes she’ll take her top off, but not realise that she’s done it! When you snap your fingers your daughter immediately continues the conversation as if nothing happened, but she pulls off her top and sits there in her bra, completely unaware of what she’s done! You put her back into trance and tell her to take the rest of her clothes off, again instructing her that she won’t notice anything… She keeps talking to you about how embarrassing your fake hobby is, and questioning when you’re actually going to start mesmerizing her, even as she strips off all her clothes so she’s sitting stark naked in front of you! You tell her then that you actually have been mesmerizing her, and that it worked and she did what you told her to… But she just doesn’t believe you! She’s unable to realise that she’s naked, so she just thinks you’re making it up and trying to fool her into thinking that you mesmerized her! You get a bit more adventurous now, excited by the forbidden sight of your daughter’s naked body, so the next command you give her is that she’s going to give you a handjob, while not noticing anything…Your daughter immediately starts pulling your cock out of your jeans and stroking it, looking you in the eyes as she keeps talking to you about your embarrassing dating life and how she’s convinced that your hobby is all totally made up! After she’s stroked your cock for a couple of minutes, you command her to lay back, and to not notice anything when you fuck her… Your daughter obediently lays back and opens her legs, completely oblivious and chatting away as you slide your cock inside her! She keeps talking to you as you pound her pussy, then you decide to put her back into trance and tell her that when she wakes, she’ll notice you fucking her, but she’ll be incredibly turned on by it… You snap her out of it and she gasps when she sees you inside her, asking how this happened but moaning and confessing to you how good it feels, and begging you not to stop… You then tell her that she’ll notice you fucking her but have a genuine reaction, and this time when you snap your fingers she’s horrified and asks you what the hell is going on; squirming beneath you and gasping as you fuck her! You quickly put her back into the state where she doesn’t notice anything, and she continues chatting away to you as you fuck her harder and harder until you cum! As you flood her pussy with spunk she looks slightly confused, as if she can almost feel herself being filled up with spunk, but you manage to safely withdraw and she sits there with your cum leaking out of her, as she tells you she’s sorry for being so mean about your hobby but the two of you are just going to have to agree to disagree, as she’s never going to think that mesmerization works!!

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