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You walk into your sister’s room and catch her trying on a sexy new nightie she’s just bought! You can’t help but laugh and tease her about it, asking what on earth she needs such a silly garment for. Your sister is annoyed at you for bursting in and embarrassing you, but she finds herself laughing as you tease her. She asks if it’s really that bad, explaining that she’s planning on spending the night at her boyfriend’s place for the first time soon, and she wanted to have something nice to wear in bed, not like her usual frumpy pyjamas. You feel bad and tell her that it’s actually very pretty, you were just surprised to see your own sister in something like that!

She’s not sure she quite believes you, asking if you really do like it, and if you’re not just trying to make her look silly in front of her boyfriend! You promise her that it looks really good, and apologise for teasing her. You ask if she has time to watch an episode of that show you like together, as a new episode has just come out. Your sister agrees and says just give her a minute to get out of this nightie and into something more casual, but you stop her and say it’s fine, she can just leave it on. She’s surprised and asks if you’re sure, but you say it looks comfy and you don’t mind, there’s no need to change. Your sister grabs her laptop and the two of you settle down on her bed to watch the show together, but you can’t stop yourself from glancing every few moments at your sister in the dress, and at her cleavage on display. She soon catches you looking and chastises you, but you assure her it’s just a natural reaction and guys just can’t help glancing at tits if they’re right there next to them. Your sister seems to believe you and goes back to watching the show, but she soon catches you doing it again. She laughs but starts to tell you off, then she suddenly realises that you’ve grown hard! She’s shocked and confused, saying that you shouldn’t have an erection over your sister, and you apologise and tell her it’s just that the dress looks really good on her, you couldn’t help it. She calms down a bit and says sorry for overreacting; she supposes it’s kind of a compliment after all. She suggests that you both just go back to the show and forget about it, but you notice that now she’s the one stealing glances! She seems confused about how she feels as she keeps staring at the bulge in your pants, and you watch as her hand slips between her legs. You call her out on it and she whips her hand away, but it soon finds its way back there. Suddenly she pauses the show and shyly asks you if it’s uncomfortable to have an erection for so long without touching it at all, and you say sure, it’s a bit uncomfortable. To your surprise your sister then says she doesn’t want you to be in pain at all, so you should just take care of it. You ask her if she’s really sure, and though she seems nervous, she tells you to go ahead and do what you need to do. As you take out your cock and begin slowly stroking it, your sister finds herself watching you more and more. She begins subtly rubbing herself as she watches, and the two of you quietly pleasure yourselves, barely pretending to watch the show anymore. Just then the episode finishes, and your sister seems frozen in indecision for a moment before steeling herself, pushing the laptop away and moving to kneel between your legs. You ask her what she’s doing but she shushes you, telling you not to speak or she’ll lose her nerve. She begins slowly stroking your cock, rubbing her pussy through her panties as she jacks you. She asks if this is okay, and you tell her it is. She nervously leans down to begin sucking you off, slowly and shyly at first but gradually getting more and more passionate and into it. After a few minutes you tell her to stop, and she immediately freaks out, assuming that she took things too far and that you’re grossed out – but you assure her it was just that you were getting close to cumming, and that you wanted to ask her if she’d be okay to take things even further! Your sister wants to but is unsure… It would be a big step, and it’s not like you can just un-fuck your brother.. But she decides she wants to go for it, and she nervously peels off her panties and lays back for you to enter her. You slowly slide your aching cock into your sister’s tight hole as she gasps and moans beneath you. You fuck her slowly at first as you both get used to how strange and dirty it feels, then you start increasing the pace until you’re pounding her hard. Your sister asks if she can ride you, and she gets on top to passionately grind and bounce on your dick until she orgasms, begging you to fill her pussy up with your cum!

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