British FionaDagger – Daddy Is My Boyfriend FullHD 1080p

 British FionaDagger - Daddy Is My Boyfriend FullHD 1080p

You and your daughter are on a cruise together, and have just gotten back to the cabin you’re sharing. Your daughter is giggling and telling you how she’s realised that everyone else on the cruise thinks that the two of you are a couple, not father and daughter! The two of you laugh over this mistake and you say wouldn’t it be a funny joke to keep up the pretense the whole time? Your daughter laughs as she imagines this, describing how she would dress up all slutty and the two of you could go out on little dates around the cruise ship; but as she’s considering it, you can see that she’s actually starting to find the idea attractive! She says why don’t you both actually do it, and act as a couple for the rest of the cruise… It would be so funny to mislead all the other passengers like that, but also… She has to admit that she finds the idea kind of naughty and arousing! She mentions how everyone has already been picturing you both as a couple, perhaps even picturing the two of you fucking… And isn’t that so exciting? You agree that it feels very naughty, and your daughter grows bolder as she inches closer to you, talking about how hot it would be to actually do all the things that couples do, all the while with nobody realising you’re actually father and daughter… The two of you can no longer hold back and you begin kissing passionately before your daughter strips out of her clothes and pushes you back onto the bed, sensually riding your cock and dirty talking to you about how good it feels to have her daddy inside her, and asking you if you ever expected your little princess to be riding your cock like this… The two of you cum together passionately and your daughter tells you how excited she is to spend the rest of the trip being your girlfriend all around the ship and in front of the other guests!

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