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*** 0 min-9:55 min is talk roleplaying*** *** 9:55min-13:48min BJ*** *** 13:48-pretty much the end is fucking*** *** TAKES UNTIL 10 MIN TO get to “action” bj > simulated riding (chest up) > behind riding > frontal riding*** ***I say “Demon mom” and “mommy” interchangably in the vid*** ***I say “satanic ritual” once or twice in reference to something (as a headsup if that offends you)***
***PLOT:*** Your mom comes in your room and asks you to go in the attic to go find some old Halloween decorations. She acknowledges theres lots of junk up there and even the previous tenants left a bunch of junk up there that she needs to eventually get rid of, but tells you to try your best at finding the Halloween decorations. While your upstairs looking you find a mysterious book and start performing a “ritual”. Your mom catches you with this mysterious book looking like your performing some evil ritual and she gasps. She demands and rips the book away from you and scolds you for messing around with what appears to be a “Witchcraft” book and as she flips through it she gets a bad feeling about it and tells you to throw away the book and she never wants to see it again. Nightime comes and your asleep, your having weird dreams of what looks to be your mom….but as a demon. You awake and see a her in a demon form crawling to you on your bed. She tells you shes been waiting for you to wake up. Confused, you ask who she is and she tells you its mommy…..sorta. She explains the ritual you performed turned her into a demon sucking succubus and the only way to get your sweet real mommy back is to fuck “Demon” mommy and giving her all your cum and seed which will break the spell to have your normal mom back. Your hesitant, but your demon mom tells you she can read your mind and knows youve had perverted thoughts of fucking mommy before. She also tells you if you dont fuck her she will take your soul and bring you back to hell with her. She starts sucking you off, riding you, until you cum inside her until you break the spell and get your mommy back. At the very end you have your real mommy back as she awakes in your room not remembering much of anything

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