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You and your mom are staying with some family at there house on a family trip. Your mom comes in your room in the middle of the night and explains her room she was staying in got flooded due to some pipe issue, and theres no other rooms so she tells you she’s going to have to share your room and bed with you tonight. She knows your probably uncomfortable with the idea and keeps asking if youll be alright with it because she knows its weird to share a bed with your mom.

You say its fine and she gets in bed with you. She lets you watch your tv while she does some reading before bed and notices you staring at her chest and see’s you doing “something” suspicious to yourself under the blankets. She confronts you and tells you shes now going to bed and to knock it off whatever your doing under the sheets. While shes napping your pressing your hardon up against her ass. While facing away from you she brushes you off saying “no hunny not right now im too tired for sex” and keep brushing you off until she gives in. You fuck her (while shes facing away, kind of a spooning position) and she looks over her shoulder and notices its her own son and freaks out. She stops and confronts you. She explains she was half out of it and explains she thought it was her husband because thats how he usually wakes her up. She scolds you, and tells you to get rid of your hardon because she cant go back to nap with you pressing it up against her. You tell her youve tried multiple times but nothing is helping and that it will probably be best if she helps. Shes hesitant, but decides to because she just wants to nap because the two of you have a busy day tomorrow. She starts off with jerking you off, moving onto sucking you off, but neither is getting you to cum. You tell her its best to just fuck. The two of you fuck until you cum inside mommy before almost getting caught by the rest of your family

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