Carmen Valentina & Akira Shell – A Bigger Family to Love: Step-Mom Wants Step-Dad to Impregnate Step-Daughter FullHD 1080p

Step-Mom Wants Step-Dad to Impregnate Step-Daughter FullHD 1080p

Warning: this is an intense, perverted, & disturbing clip. It has been created for those who want something more than the typical family video…

Your family wasn’t like anyone else’s- in fact, it was more like a relationship, a threeway, a love triangle between you, your wife, and your step-daughter.

“We want to grow the family so there’s more of us to love,” your wife began to say, her hands brushing against Akira’s soft legs, “and I’ve been telling our step-daughter we’ve been trying, but have been pretty unsuccessful…”

Your step-daughter had come up with the idea of impregnating her instead of your wife. “And then she can have a baby and we can help raise it and have an even bigger family,” your wife smiled, then pressed her soft lips against Akira’s.

Your step-daughter loved the thought of you making her a step-mother. “It’s nothing different,” your wife continued, “you just have to finish inside of her.” It would make your family even closer. The three of you could go clothes shopping for the baby and raise it to be accepting of your loving, immoral family.

“Why don’t you give Step-Daddy a little kiss…” your wife said to your step-daughter, “let’s warm him up. We want to see Step-Daddy all nice and happy and big down there.” The two of them shared your cock, stroking it and sucking it to get you throbbing hard. They knew how much you loved watching them play together, so they sucked one another’s nipples and made-out in front of you.

You started with your wife, thrusting your hard cock in and out of her tight hole, then moved over to your step-daughter. “Honey, give her all of that cum…” your wife purred, “every last drop. Get our baby girl pregnant. I know you wanna see her grow a big belly…make her a step-mommy like me.”

You exploded inside your step-daughter’s pussy, and your wife kissed her passionately. “Try not to let it spill out,” your wife quickly said, “put those legs up! I know, Step-Daddy had a big load!” This would be the start to an even bigger, perverted, immoral family.

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