Casey Calvert – First Daughter`s Dp – Three’s a Crowd? Part 2 SD 2020

Casey Calvert - First Daughter`s Dp - Three's a Crowd

This I like. A sweet, innocent wife who dreams about dirty things but never has intentions of doing anything wrong or dirty, and all it takes for her is somebody asking her, “what is your fantasy?” During the sex the two guys are careful with her, as she proudly said, “I am a good girl,” and so they treat her nice and gentle. The two guys clearly care a lot about her pleasure, and it was joyful to watch. I also think that Michael Vegas is an exceptional actor, his talent and effort is evident here. Good job Casey and all those involved in this production.

I liked the that the DP scene was sensitive, the actors were constantly checking in with one another. “Does this feel good?” “I like this.” It’s rare to see a DP scene in porn that fully consensual, and I’ve never seen a DP scene as loving as this one. I like this scene mainly because of the good story connected with it, but also because the actors were incredibly believable. It was almost as if I was watching in as an invisible fly on the wall, I believed these characters were REAL, maybe people that I know, and I was watching their intimate conflict, conversations, and that oh-so-beautiful-sexy resolution. I like all three actors and I would recommend all three come back and to more scenes, especially Casey Calvert– she’s the perfect sweet girl next door with a hidden naughty streak.

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