Celestina Blooms & Kallie Taylor – Bible Study FullHD

Celestina Blooms & Kallie Taylor - Bible Study FullHD

Celestina Blooms

Kallie and Celestina are in a bible study group led by Will, Kallie’s stepfather. Celestina is bored and slowly notices some tension between Kallie and her Will. When he takes a break, Celestina confronts her friend, making her confess that she actually has a crush on her stepdad and longs for him to taste her forbidden fruit. Celestina proposes to her goody-goody friend to tease Will to see how he reacts. When Will returns, he notices that his stepdaughter’s skirt and white knickers are suddenly shorter. Furious, he takes Kallie to the room to spank her for her naughty actions. What he doesn’t know is that Kallie really wants to feel her stepdad’s firm hand on her sweet little ass. Temptation kicks in when Will also starts to enjoy the punishment. Soon, Kallie’s mouth is all over her stepdaddy’s big cock. Celestina watches the whole show from behind the door, realizing she wants to join them as well. The two girls share the fun as their bible teacher gives them a very special class about lust and sin.

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