Kinki Cory – Cory Chase – Molly Jane in we pimp out daddy HD ( / 41549/ 720p)



scene one: look at my panties daddy

bras and panties tightly cling to the tight bodies of cory and her daughter molly. they are checking themselves out in the mirror when they here a knock at the door. molly’s father alex walks in and is embarrassed by seeing his daughter dressed that way. cory tell him that it’s ok and pulls him to the bed.
both mother and daughter kiss and touch each other in front of him making alex feel nervous. they ask him if he ever thought about having sex with his daughter. if he wants molly he is going to have to do something for them. the girls giggle as they pull out a pair of panties for alex to wear. cory takes off her panties and jerks his cock with them while molly teases him and makes him lick her pantied pussy.
cory guides her daughters head onto alex’s cock and the girls share him sucking their little pantie boy.

scene two: my pantie daddy fucks me
with his cock wet and hard, molly gets on top of her dad and grinds his cock with her pussy. cory pins him down making out with her daughter as molly rides him until she cums like a naughty little girl. he gets close to cumming but they don’t let him.
on the edge of orgasm he will do anything for them. cory pulls out a condom filled with cum. before he can object she pours it onto his face and fingers it into his mouth. with molly grinding him he is powerless to stop her.

scene three: fucking daddy in his panties
cory has a secret for him, this was all a plan to make him their sugar daddy cuckold and so far he is passing with flying colors. all they want is to have money, buy sexy clothes and get fucked by as many men as possible. alex knows he should tell them to stop but his blue balls make him agree and he becomes a broken man.
they tell him that it’s his turn to get fucked. molly puts on a strap on and makes their sissy get to his knees and suck her. they degrade him and laugh telling him what a slut he is. they pour more cum into his mouth for him to swallow. when the cock is good and wet they bring him to his back and fuck him while mom rides his face.

scene four: breaking daddy

molly continues to fuck him. turning him from father and husband to a sissy cuckold. when he is sufficiently broken in the girls stop. they take a pair of dirty panties from the floor and jerk his cock with them. with a strong grip they jerk him hard, and suck the tip of his cock. they make him admit that he is a pathetic pantie boy sissy, and that he will do whatever they say.
they let him cum, capturing each drop in the lacy panties. what a mess he made, he should clean it up they say and push the panties into his mouth. they tell him to keep them in his mouth and that they will be back after they go out and fuck some men. maybe they will be good and let alex clean them like a good pantie boy.

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