Chad White, Kylie Rocket – My Boss’ Daughter III HD

Chad White, Kylie Rocket - My Boss' Daughter III HD

Chad White, Kylie Rocket - My Boss' Daughter III HD

Chad White

Chad White is in an unusual position: his boss (played by Logan Exx) brings over the boss’s own daughter to stay with Chad, who has married the boss’s wife after a divorce. Kylie Rocket meets her stepdad for the first time and moves back into the mansion where Chad lives now, belonging to her mom. The boss is not happy at all, but as he tells Chad, he can’t legally do anything about the situation.

The boss has a trick up his sleeve: he left surveillance cameras at the mansion and can watch Kylie and her new papa secretly on his smart phone. Kylie’s attitude toward Chad is condescending, as barely moved back in she accuses him of just being her flighty mom’s new boy toy. At the same time, he resists her seductive talk, challenging the new man of the house’s authority immediately. “You’re a brat, you know that?”, Chad says to her, exasperated. “No, I’m not a brat, I’m a shark” Kylie declares haughtily, and plants a big kiss on stepdaddy’s lips.

The mercurial girl suddenly hits him with an insult, saying: “It’s not so good to fuck your boss’ wife!”, adding: “and I’m very unhappy you couldn’t keep your dick in your pants”, punching Chad in the groin for good measure.

Kylie puts her cards on the table: to avenge what Chad did to her daddy, she’s intent on seducing him “to take mommy’s toy away”. Chad balks at this nonsense, but he’s in a tough spot -he can’t afford to lose his job and if he doesn’t play along with Kylie, she’ll soon be telling tales on him (either way!). Reluctantly, at her insistence he gives his daughter a kiss, unbeknownst that daddy is watching them, sitting outside the mansion in his car. Smiling broadly, the boss says out loud: “That’s my girl!”.

After a couple of smooches, Kylie asks: “Didn’t you say mom’s a passionate woman? I want you to show me what you do to her. If you’re going to be my new daddy, you should know what it feels like to be inside of me”. She promises not to tell anyone. She kisses him again, with plenty of tongue, and sneaks a peek at the hidden camera in her bedroom.

“I want to play with mommy’s new toy”, she declares, and undoes stepdaddy’s slacks, pulling out his big dick, immediately taking it into her mouth. Working at getting his cock hard, she murmurs: “My new daddy’s dick is so big”. Watch the taboo scene unfold…

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