Charlotte Sins, Haley Reed, Keira Croft, Seth Gamble – Adam & Eva pt. 2 FullHD 1080p

Charlotte Sins, Haley Reed, Keira Croft, Seth Gamble - Adam & Eva pt. 2 FullHD 1080p

Eva is helping Sylvia get dressed up, “stunning,” she says as she looks at Sylvia’s svelte body in a mini sequin dress. “I’m not so sure,” she fidgets as she looks at herself in the mirror. Eva rolls her eyes, “I’m not putting you in any dangerous situation. You have to trust me.” Sylvia admires Eva, and it’s not just because she’s carefree and wild. Eva seems to have it all under control; a comforted feeling that Sylvia has never been able to possess for herself. “Pops just likes a pretty girl to watch,” Eva assures Sylvia, “and besides he’s a good guy and he pays our rent. He’s like.. family.” Sylvia searches her youthful mind for some sort of insight and then she hears Eva’s voice, “you have my cell phone. Call me if anything gets out of control.”

Sylvia walks into the next apartment. Her heart is beating as she sees a vacant living room. She sits politely on the sofa and waits. ‘What am I doing?” She asks herself over and over again. Just as she almost lost her nerve, a handsome man walks in and introduces himself as “Pops.” He’s twice her age but he’s handsome as hell. The smell of him sitting so close to her, and the excitement of the unknown makes the hairs stand up on the back of her neck, she feels her spine weaken, and little drops run down the walls of her pussy and into her panty. “I just want you to watch. You don’t have to get involved. Touch yourself, if you’d like.” He wants her to wait before she walks into the next room. She does. She is used to obeying, she’s a good girl, she’s been doing it her whole life.. but this is something new. She desperately wants to be more like Eva, but there’s a preverbal wall that needs to be torn down before she can be free. “This is what I’m doing,” she tells herself, “I’m going to be free.”

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