Cory’s Super Heroine Adventures – Alli Rae in Swamp Monster vs The Beauty HD



Scene One: Sacrificed

Alli thought it was strange that everyone was nice to her when her car broke down. They her food and she after getting a free lunch. Now naked and tied up Alli has been captured and sacrificed to the town’s local legend. A large green monster with hard cock walks in and runs it’s scaly hands over her body.

It unties her and squeezes her breasts, making Alli squeak in fear. She is so terrified that she can’t think or move. The monster throws her down, and with a growl pushes it’s cock inside her. The monster fucks her, making her moan and squeal until it fills her up with it’s disgusting cum. As the monster lets go of her Alli runs for her life.

Scene Two: Fertilized

The breeding is not complete and the monster drags her back. Grabbing her arms it fucks her from behind making Alli moan and scream constantly. Oh god she screams as the monster pushes her forward and fucks her deep.

Using it’s powerful arms it brings Alli on top and pulls her down to fuck. She bounces on it’s large cock her eyes rolling into the back of her head. Please She screams as the monster grunts and shoots it’s second load inside her. Her insides are full to bursting as the monster leaves it’s prey fertilized.

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