Cory’s Super Heroine Adventures – Cory Chase, Luke Longly – Lady Deadpool in Anyone You Can Fuck I Can Fuck Better FullHD mp4


Scene 1: SG Captures Deadpool, Or Does She?

SuperGurl has taken control of Deadpool by super fucking him and she takes him to Lady Deadpool’s hideout to help her capture LD and bring her to jail. u’re doneays SG, u cannot defeat both of us.” Deadpool says: “SuperGurl is my mistress. I obey only SuperGurlt so fast, SGsays LD, who then surprises Deadpool and SG by spraying them with chemical concoctions that her friend Poison Ivy gave her. One spray incapacitates SG and the other gives LD full control of DP’s mind. DP helps LD to strip and restrain SG with kryptonite weapons, leaving SG to helplessly watch while LD fucks DP and locks in her control over him. LD is sexually masterful, not only making DP climax simultaneously with her, but she also forces SG to climax simultaneously by dildo fucking her while fucking DP. But this is only the beginning of Lady Deadpool’s sexual domination of SG, using DP and the Punisher as her tools. There is more to come.

Scene 2: The Punisher Comes to Rescue SuperGurl, Or Does He?

Scene 3: Now, SuperGurl, You Will Watch While I Fuck Your Boyfriend

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