CorySmash – Cory Chase & Vanessa Cage Brain Drain: Swipe Right FullHD 1080p

Vanessa Cage Brain Drain

Scene One: First Date

Feeling horny and wanting someone new, Brain Drain swipes right on a hot little number. The feeling of controlling sexy little Vanessa would be perfect for her. They exchange texts and Vanessa drives to her doom.

As they sit on the couch, flirting and getting to know each other Brain Drain purrs. “Just go ahead and look into my eyes” Suddenly Vanessa’s eyes glow green and her body becomes slack as her brain is melted away.

Brain Drain slides behind her and whispers mesmerizing things into Vanessa’s ears. Reaching her hands down and fondling her big tits. “You want me to touch you don’t you?” She whispers. Inch by inch Vanessa’s mind is destroyed, her will molded and broken. Brain Drain takes her down to the dungeon to have more fun with her new pet.

Scene Two: Sliding into cage

Vanessa tries to fight it, her hands tied to the bed. “I just want to go home, why do you have me tied up!” She pleads. Brain Drain likes them feisty, fighting back against her powers. She runs her hands over Vanessa’s mind and smooths out all her thoughts, turning her into a sex toy.

She erases the last traces of will and breaks her. Untying her from the bed and playing with her. Stripping her naked and sucking on Vanessa’s big tits. Now just a puppet with no free will of her own, Vanessa limply lets Brain Drain do whatever she wants. Sucking, licking and enjoying her perfect fuckable body. When Brain Drain whores Vanessa out to superheros She’s going to make the perfect weapon.

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