Courtney Scott – Stepdaughter Won’t Take No For an Answer FullHD 1080p

Courtney Scott - Stepdaughter Won't Take No For an Answer FullHD 1080p

Ever since my step-mother got remarried, I’ve had a huge crush on her husband. What is he even doing with her? She’s a prude old hag. I’m obviously the better choice. What gives??? I’m 18, blonde, big boobs; who wouldn’t choose me? I just don’t understand. I prance around the house in my skimpiest clothing and he still acts like he doesn’t even notice me. Well, I have an idea, I’ll make him want me. I’ll make him love me. I got some “love dust” from my friend that’s supposed to make him not be able to take his eyes off me and succumb to my every desire. I’m going to try it on him when he gets home from work. My moms out of town for the week anyway. Oh, I think he’s home!!! Now’s my chance! I call him from my room, “Step-Daddy, will you please come here and help me with my homework??” (He hates when I call him Step-Daddy, I never call him it around my step-mother. Whatever, I think it’s sexy. He is my step daddy after all.) I’m wearing my new teddy under my cute fuzzy robe. I’ll show him first before I use the love dust, maybe he won’t even need it. Damn it!!! What the hell is it about my step-mother that makes her better than me?? He must be scared. Of course, he can’t tell me how sexy I look in my lingerie, he’s just afraid I might go tell the old hag. Ok, now’s my chance. I blow the love dust right in his face. It’s working!!!! Instantly, I can see his bulge growing in his pants. He is instantly under my control and now I can finally have my way with him! We’re going to have a lot of fun step-daddy

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