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I’m enjoying my yoga moves on the floor as I workout and stretch with my thong on and in bare feet. My son is peeking at me while and I notice him. He is supposed to be cleaning is room so I ask him if he has done so yet. His smart mouth reply is that he hasn’t yet. Well I tell him he better do it before I beat his ass! He is being so bratty and laughs as tells me that he will do it later because hes not 10 anymore and I cant beat his ass anyway. I get up and put my flip flops on and reply yeah you will see. I move over to the wall and continue to stretch some more as I arch my feet with my flip flips on. I stick my ass out and tell him to come here and help his MOMMIE stretch. He comes right behind MOMMIE on purpose and bumps into my ASS. This isn’t appropriate at all! He starts to overpower me as he pins me against the wall. I eventually push him off and make a deal that if I wrestle him and win that he has to clean his room. But if he wins then he can get whatever he wants. Who wins and whats the prize?

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