Darlingjosefin – Mommy and Son Forever FullHD 1080p

Darlingjosefin - Mommy and Son Forever FullHD 1080p

Wake up, darling! Mommy’s home. It’s not a dream, I’m really here! It’s your loving, caring mother. You know mommy will always be here for you. Mommy will always love you, more than anything in the whole wide world, because you belong to mommy. Do you want mommy to belong to you? If you put your cock inside of mommy’s pussy then mommy will be yours forever. I know it’s wrong, sweetie, but doesn’t it feel so right? It’s because mommy made your cock and now it’s just returning to where it came from. This is how it’s supposed to be. No other woman can love you like mommy does. No one else can care for you, know you, love you, like your mother. How can mommy love you this much and not take care of you in every single way? Come one, sweetie … fuck your mother.

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