BareBackStudios – Cory Chase and Molly Jane – A Long Kiss With Mom HD



Scene One: Unable to control myself

Have a good day at school. Cory tells her daughter Molly. With a quick kiss Molly grabs her bag and leaves. Bye mom? The moment she leaves Cory eyes flutter in lust. She knows it’s wrong but she is so attracted to her daughter that she can’t help herself. After school Molly returns home and goes to the couch to study. Cory watches her and rubs herself thinking about how she would love to fuck the young girl. She realizes that Molly has fallen asleep on the couch. Hesitantly she goes to her and pulls open her top. I can’t deny it any longer? she whispers. Mmmm? she moans as she licks Molly’s big tits. She rubs them sensually, Molly non the wiser.

Scene Two: My daughters sweet pussy

Cory strips off Molly’s pants revealing her lacy white panties. You have one of the sweetest pussies I have ever seen baby? she whispers. Pulling the panties to the side Cory licks her. Molly starts to moan and shift on the couch thinking she is having a great dream. Cory pulls down the panties encouraged by her daughters soft sounds of pleasure. She keeps licking her until Molly is on the edge of cumming.

Scene Three: Mom what are you doing

MOM? What are you doing? Molly says shocked. Cory quiets her down with some soft words. Molly would never let this happen but is too turned on to let it stop. She loses herself from her mom licking her like an ice cream cone. Can I do that to you mom? Molly asks. Excited Cory strips down to her heels and lets her daughter fuck her with her tongue. Moaning louder and louder she cums with her daughter licking furiously. Thank you sweety?

Scene Four: Mother Daughter bonding
Go ahead and lay down on the couch? Cory gets on top of her lovingly pushing her hair out of her face and 69s her. The girls lick pussy to face moaning and bucking. Cory sits up and lets her daughter get her closer to a second orgasm. They switch Molly getting on top of her mom and keep licking each other. This time Molly rides her mom’s face. Both girls licking and screaming they cum together mother and daughter becoming one. ?that’s not how I planed on spending my night? Molly says as the girls kiss and talk about Molly’s first lesbian experience.

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