Tara Tainton – A Girl Has Her Needs SD



Are you SURE you don`t want to just hop in the pool with me? But the water`s so warm… well have fun… you and I, while your father`s away. I just… I`m just going out of my skin, you know? I need… well, you know why your father married me, right? Oh, come on. You must know. You`re a clever boy. Well, of course, there are lots of reasons why your father wanted me so much, but… there`s one particular one? your father just absolutely loves it about me. You see, I need a LOT of sex. And… gosh, it`s been SO long since I`ve had any! Your father`s been away for so long, he?s not going to be back soon, and I`m… I`m… I`m just going nuts without him! He wouldn`t want me to be neglected, not when he loves my strong sexual desire so much. No, he would want you to take care of me while he`s gone. Yes, he would! He knows I need it. He wouldn`t want me to suffer on his behalf. I just… I have to have COCK!

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