Dolorfer The Arrival – McKenzie,Xiphos – Luciafilms FullHD 1080p

Dolorfer The Arrival - McKenzie,Xiphos - Luciafilms FullHD 1080p

When a cult devoted to a god of pain and torture, Dolorfer, bring chaos to the world as we know it, countless heroes and heroines strike out to put them in their place. The battles are brutal and without end. Though on the verge of success, the leader of the cult, Danz (Flasher Mcdaniels) and his henchmen Dart (Lu-Lewd), must still be apprehended. Fearing Danz’s ties to the dark god, the League of Heroes sends their two top heroines to put a stop to them. The dauntless Kinetic (Mckenzie) and the nigh unstoppable Superior Girl (Xiphos).

What awaits them is a battle confusingly well below the dangers presented before. Is this a trap? A ploy by the dark god and his acolytes? Why does Danz seem so confident despite overwhelming odds?

-Insanely brutal, complex four person fight scenes.
-Defiant, Strong Heroines.
-Multiple Superpowers on display.
-Hundreds of punches! Face and body.
-Suffocation and choking.
-Lots of double-teaming.
-Many different lifts/backbreakers.
-Bearhugs, including a DOUBLE BEARHUG.
-Lots of double-teaming.
-Light blood (see photos).
-Multiple choke lifts.
-Lots of low blow/power center abuse.
-Variety of nudity.
-Simulated group and oral sex.
-Bone breaking.
-A death.
-Multiple simulated cumshots.
-Costume pulling.
-Eiffel Tower.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:46:38
Size: 1.67 Gb

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